Summa Corporation - Howard Hughes Properties

Executive Vice President 1985-1990

Summa Corporation (Howard Hughes Properties) recruited O’Malley to manage the planning, entitlement and development of the California real estate owned by the Estate of Howard Hughes. Amongst these holdings was the largest privately owned undeveloped property within a major American city, the 1200-acre Playa Vista site and the adjacent 70-acre Howard Hughes Center. A portion of Playa Vista propery was subject to annexation by the City of Los Angeles. 

Playa Vista Approved Entitlements: Residential, 8,837 du.; Office, 2,950,000 sf.; Office/Research, 2,950,000 sf.; Retail, 970,000 sf.; Hotel, 2,400 rms.; Research, 2,950,000 sf.; Retail, 970,000 sf.; Open Space, 281 ac.; 40 acre 400 Boat Slip Marina,; and Wetland Interpretive Center 

Principles of the Master Plan, Concept Team Report:  “Cities are built incrementally, over time, regardless of how they are planned. They are remembered, cherished or despised for the quality, kind and extent of their exterior spaces rather than their interior spaces. The true significance of built environments is in the extent and graciousness of their open space; the network of parks, boulevards, streets, squares, public gardens and recreational grounds which characterize cities are as integral to the success as center of human endeavor as are the edifices of commerce and art.”

"The Concept Team took as its charge to insure the quality and value possible for the diverse development sites at Playa Vista. The act of planning and design should secure and enhance such investment.” 

Playa Vista Model

Playa Vista Model

Concept Team: N. David O'Malley; Henry N. Cobb, I.M .Pei & Partners;  Allan Jacobs, Aidala+Jacobs; Warren Travers, Travers Associates; David H. Vena, Latham & Watkins. Coordinator: Deborah A. Feldman